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   It’s important to remember that karate is not just a fun activity!  Karate is an educational and character developing course. This is why we call ourselves a school instead of a gym or a playground. 

   Sometimes parents don’t understand this.  Occasionally I receive a disheartening phone call from a parent who says, “My son/daughter misbehaved this afternoon so I am not going to let him come to karate tonight.”  This tells me that we have not done a very good job of educating that parent about the benefits of karate.  When a child misbehaves he needs to come to karate more than ever!  He doesn’t need to stay at home.  No parent wakes up in the morning and tells their child, “Since you misbehaved last night you can’t go to school today!"

   In karate we teach physical fitness and self-defense, but we also develop life skills such as self-confidence, self-control, courage, courtesy, honesty, loyalty and perseverance.  We call these the Seven Characteristics of the Black Belt. 

   Now, you may be asking yourself, “How does karate develop self-control, courtesy, perseverance or any of these other things?”  Although there's not enough space to explain all our methods here, I guarantee you that we have definite ways of building each of these characteristics in our students.  If you would like to know specific details we will be happy to talk with you at the school anytime. 

   Karate builds self-esteem (it makes people feel good about themselves) and it develops a “Yes, I can” attitude.  Everybody wants to feel good about themselves and to feel confident that they can set a goal and achieve it.  This is what karate is all about. 

   The lessons learned in karate carryover into every aspect of a student’s life – whether it is at work, at school, or at home. 

   In karate we never give-up!  Instead, we team-up to achieve success!  We believe that goals we set are goals we get!


Taylor Hayden, Master Instructor, Wado Karate Centers








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